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May 2020 Update - Sponsored Walk in Memory of Graeme Comlay...

Kev Lawrence talks to Mark Comlay about Graeme's Gift

Raising Funds for Radio Odstock

Update May 2020 

Kev Lawrence recently caught up with Mark Comlay on updated plans for the sponsored walk in memory of Mark's brother Graeme.

Following discussions with the family and the Radio Odstock team, the decision has been made to postpone the event until 2021, hopefully between April and June, with dates to be finalised after Christmas. 

As Mark stated; "With the ongoing concerns from the Corona Virus its wrong to try and rush the event and potentially put our supporters and the hospital at risk. Once we have settled into a new normal and plans for the future can once again be made, we will all be back to complete our challenge."

The Just Giving page will stay open until the event has been concluded, "The family and myself wish to pass on our thanks to all who have donated so far; the Team from Odstock are most appreciative".

Should anyone wish to get in touch with the team they can contact them through the Just Giving page.

We would like to wish Mark, his family and the Radio Odstock team a very safe and happy remainder of 2020 and we look forward to further updates from them in the New Year.



Mark Comlay is organising a sponsored walk in memory of his brother, Graeme, who tragically died in November 2014 in a road traffic accident. 

Graeme was a volunteer presenter for Radio Odstock for 10 years, hosting an evening music show, and as 2019 would have been Graeme's 30th Birthday year, the family are holding the walk as part of "Graeme's Gift" raising funds for his much loved radio station. 

The walk will take place on Saturday 4th April 2020, starting from Durrington All Saints, where Graeme is buried, to Radio Odstock Salisbury, with Mark, his brother and father taking part and they are inviting anyone who wishes, to join them.

Kev Lawrence recently interviewed Mark and his Dad, on location at The Stonehenge Inn, about the reasons behind the walk, and the route it is likely to take, which you can listen to below.

Kev was also able to speak to Dave, Chairperson at Radio Odstock and Ben, scheduler, of their memories of Graeme, particularly his love for Queen and hats. 

The walk is likely to start at around at 9.30am and they hope to finish at about 4pm at Radio Odstock, who will also be covering the event live during the day. 

Further details on the walk and the route it will take can be found by visiting their Just Giving page here or by visiting Radio Odstocks Facebook page. 

March Update:

Kev caught up with Mark and and the Odstock team recently who advised that they now have the route and stops planned which can be viewed on the map below.

So, all that's left to do now is keep everything crossed for good weather and get their walking shoes broken in!

We would like to wish Mark, his family and all those taking part luck and hope they will come back and talk to us about how the walk went and how much was raised later in the year. 


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