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    With 2 further members of the UK testing positive for the Covid-19 - the strain of the coronavirus which was first identified in Wuhan province China, the total number of confirmed case in the UK has risen to 15. 

    The latest patients, who are said to have picked up the virus whilst in Italy and Tenerife respectively, are being transferred to specialist NHS infection centres in Liverpool and London. 

    More cases are still expected to emerge however so far there have been no human-human transmission of the virus in the UK. 

    Public Health England staff are working hard to trace the contacts of the 2 newly identified patients to contain the spread. 

    The World Health Organisation gives the following advice on how best to prevent picking up the virus:

    • Wash your hands - soap or hand gel can kill the virus
    • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing - ideally with a tissue - and wash your hands afterwards, to prevent the virus spreading
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth - if your hands touch a surface contaminated by the virus, this could transfer it into your body
    • Don't get too close to people coughing, sneezing or with a fever - they can propel small droplets containing the virus into the air - ideally, keep 1m (3ft) away

    According to the BBC, should mass outbreaks occur, measures are in place to contain the spread, with hospitals potentially cancelling routine treatments to provide spare capacity and under the Civil Contingencies Act, the Government could close schools, shut down public transport and cancel mass gatherings to protect the public. 

    Currently and schools which have taken the decision to close have done so due to decisions made by the head teacher. 

    For further advice and guidance on the virus and how to self isolate if you feel this is necessary, you can visit the NHS website here along with the Gov. UK site. 

    For anyone seeking travel advice, this can be found here

    Castledown FM will of course keep you updated with any future developments with our hourly news bulletins. 


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