Letters to Santa

    Are you on his list?

    He's checking his list...

    We are all getting into the festive spirit here at Castledown FM, the decorations are up and the songs are ready to go as of the 1st of December.

    With Christmas and Christmas shopping in mind, we thought we would share with you how to get your letters to Santa, as mentioned on this weeks HumpDayHooray show with Kelly, so that he can get his lists together in good time.

    Letters can be sent to him at the below addresses and he will try to reply to as many as possible: 

    Santa / Father Christmas

    Santa's Grotto


    XM4 5HQ 

    If you would like to receive a letter in welsh, then please write to the below address: 

    Sion Corn 

    Ogof Sion Corn 

    Gwlad Y Ceirw

    XM4 5HQ

    Your full name and address needs to be included in the letter, which needs to be sent by Friday 6th December. 

    For further details you can visit the Royal Mail website here

    Happy writing everyone.


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