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    Wants your thoughts on a local issue

    Mayor for Tidworth and Perham Down, and fellow Castledown presenter, Councillor Brian Pratt, is looking for your thoughts on a local issue. 

    As discussed in the below video, there have been a number of issues with the location and use of the bus stop which is currently located on the edge of the park which runs alongside the A338. 

    The bus stop, which is owned by Tidworth Town Council, used to be located along the Tidworth to Ludgershall road but was moved at the request of Stagecoach, who advised that the bus' mirrors kept being knocked by it. Following consultation with the local youth community, the current location was chosen, after discussions with the police that it was well lit, and visible from the roads when on patrol. 

    However, there have been a number of comments made recently about how it is being used for drug taking with PCSO Dan Catterick advising that the police are aware but that arrests are difficult to make without hard evidence. 

    This is an issue that will be raised at the next Full Town Council meeting, which takes place on Tuesday 3rd March from 7pm at the Tidworth Community Centre on Wyle Road. These meetings are open to the public and provide a great opportunity to raise any issue that you feel needs to be tackled, as public questions are always an agenda item.

    There are a number of options available to deal with the issues caused by the bus shelter: 

    1 - The bus shelter can be removed

    2 - The bus shelter remains and nothing further is done

    3 - Concrete is placed across the grass and floor of the shelter 

    Cllr Brian Pratt would be very interested to hear your views on the above, and is hoping for a multi-agency and community response which will provide a long term solution. 

    If you would like to share your thoughts on the options available, you can get in touch with Cllr Brian Pratt in the following ways; 

    Make a comment or send a private message to his Facebook page - Cllr Brian Pratt, which you can visit here

    Send an email to

    Here I am talking about the bus shelter, pro's and Con's

    Posted by Cllr Brian Pratt on Sunday, February 23, 2020


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