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Kev Lawrence gets weekends on Castledown FM off to a great start with his breakfast show, every Saturday morning from 7 til 9 am.

Kicking off at 7 am with a 2 in a Row feature other regular features include local traffic and travel, local news and weather, along with a look at the weekends top tv and a catch up with Simon Davis at 8.45 am prior to his show at 9am. 

Kev also brings us interviews with members of the local community, showcasing thier events, talents or stories, the most recent of which you can listen to below.

Kev Lawrence at Breakfast, getting your weekend off to a great start every Saturday from 7 - 9 am. 

Listen locally on 104.7 FM, by enabling your smart media device or online via Radio Player. 


Recent Interviews on Saturdays Kev Lawrence at Breakfast show; 

  • Saturday 1st August

Kev was focusing on the written word this week, as he spoke to Vicky about the importance of opening up local libraries and then later about her blog which you can find on her website singlemotherahoy.com

He also caught up with the lovely Helen, who regular listeners will recognise from past Monday morning shows, finding out how she has been keeping busy over the past month. 

Then there was another chance to listen to the latest Salisbury Hospice podcast, which this week was all about local music as they spoke to Tom about the upcoming Best of Salisbury album.

  • Saturday 25th July

It was all about summer this week with Kev as the first of his telephone interviews was with Sasha from Salisbury Body Therapy focusing on taking time to look after ourselves, especially during the current climate;

Then in the second part of the show, Kev caught up with our very own Sue Vallis, discussing what she has been up to during lockdown and giving listeners a great recipe for Cajun Chicken Thighs;

Kev also had another treat in store for Saturday's listeners as he played out a recent Salisbury Hospice Charity pod cast from Dave Woollatt speaking to Kate Hopkins about how they were able to continue the horticultural therapy sessions during lockdown;

  • Saturday 18th July

This week Kev had not 1 but 2 live telephone interviews. The first of these was with Naomi, who began the Mask Tree Initiative in Amesbury after being inspired by news from mask trees being set up in people's front gardens in the Czech Republic.

As mentioned, further details can be found at their website www.communitymasktrees.org were you will find an interactive map showing trees in your area (of which there are now near to 300) or by emailing communitymasktrees@gmail.com. You can also visit their Facebook page for more news and information:

Next, Kev talked to Jamie from The Wordsmen, an Exeter based band made up of Jamie, Brian, Alex and Hector, whose debut single SPILT was played out exclusivley during the interview:

There will also be another chance to listen to these interviews on Sunday 26th July on the Kev Lawrence in Conversation With show which airs from 9 - 10 am every Sunday.


And this weeks 5 finger challenge with Simon just before his show at 9 am featured summer hits, but can you guess what was number 1?


  • Saturday 11th July

Kev was joined live on the phone this week by sporting expert Andy Hamilton. With professional sports beginning to take place again as lockdown restirctions ease, Andy gave listeners a round up of what has been happening over the last few weeks, starting with Cricket: 

They then went on to speak about Formula 1 and Football:

Later Kev had his usal catch up with Simon prior to his show at 9am and they played the 5 Finger challenge, which this week focused on those celebrities who had clapped back:

  • Saturday 4th July 

This week Kev caught up with our very own Helen, who regular listeners will recognise from the Monday Morning Show with Donna B. Helen talks to Kev about her recent world cruise, which also became affected by the coronavirus outbreak: 

Ever wondered what Simon and Kev talk about in their weekly catch Up? Well, its all about the 5 finger challenge, which this week featured Wimbledon: 






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