August's Sounds Interesting Shows...

    Featuring The Who and Stevie Wonder

    This summer might not be quite what you had originally planned for, due to the current situation, but Steve G and Sounds Interesting has plenty of great music to keep you entertained during August. 

    The Who kicks of the month on Thursday 6th August as they will be the main feature of the show. 

    Then on the 13th, Steve will be looking back at the years of 1968, 1976 and 1984, playing tracks and recalling the facts of what was happening in music at that time.

    There is a change in tempo on the 20th August as Sounds Interesting takes a look at another in the occassional series of Classic albums, featuring Stevie Wonder's songs In The Key of Life. There is also talk of a special guest drummer Gerry Conway (Cat Stevens and Fairport Convention) joining them on the phone, to talk about how the album inspired him. 

    Classical music runs through the following weeks show also, as Steve will be looking at the relationship between rock music and classical music, with such examples as ELP, the Moody Blues and Jethro Tull and will be joined by fellow presenter Dan Floyd from the Classic Chill Out show.

    You can listen to Steve G and Sounds Interesting every Thursday from 7 - 9 pm with a repeat airing at 3am every Thursday morning or by visiting the On Demand feature on Radio Player



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