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    Christian Fellowhip Worship

    Did you know that Castledown FM has a dedicated Christian Worship programme which airs weekly? 

    Christian Fellowship Hour, presented by Sony Assuon and guests, brings a time for Christian worship, with music and topical lifestyle discussions. 

    Airing from 6 - 8 pm every Sunday evening, the first hour introduces listeners to the topic that is to be discussed and invites them to interact with their views on this topic through the text line (01980 221047) or Facebook page.

    Topics discussed focus on the bible, relating it to matters which affect daily life, so far as religion is concerned. Examples of shows include; Understanding Marriage, Spititual Growth, Financial Education.

    The second half of the show, from 7 - 8 pm, is a consolidated hour of worship which features a variety of Christian praise and worship from across the globe, with artists from Ghana, Jamaica, and the US to name but a few. 

    From Sinach to Hillsong Worship, the show offers multi-cultural worship.

    You can listen live on 104.7 FM, online via Radio Player or by enabling your smart media device.

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    Text us on: 01980 221047