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    Speaks to Talk of the Towns

    The Talk of the Towns team recently interviewed Chris Brannigan, father of Hasti, a soldier serving in Tidworth and living in Surrey.

    Some of you may already be aware of the Facebook page, Hope for Hasti, which was launched a few weeks ago. 

    Hasti, who is 8, has been diagnosed with Cornelia De Lange Syndrome (CDLS), a rare genetic disease, which among other things, leads to reduced growth, speech and language issues, feeding problems and problems with hearing. It is unlikely for children with CDLS to live independent lives as adults, often needing round the clock care and support.

    CDLS has no cure or treatments available but the Brannigans are currently commissioning research into gene therapy for CDLS that would not only benefit Hasti and those currently living with the disease but also those diagnosed with it in the future. However, all of this comes at great cost, which is why they are asking for your help. 

    Along side their HopeforHasti facebook page, they have also launched One Pound Hope, a public group which hopes to gain 400,000 members, with all members making a small donation. This way they will be able to fund the research into CDLS as mentioned above. In the 5 weeks since its launch they have so far raised £65,363 which is a fabulous achievement. 

    You can listen to the full interview with Steve G below and should you wish to donate you can visit the above facebook page or alternatively their go fund me page here

    We would like to thank Chris for talking to us and wish him and his family much luck with their fundraising activities. 

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