Positively Perfect Pancakes

    Pancake Day - How did you take yours?

    The eggs have been cracked, the milk poured, the flour sieved, the batter whisked and the pancakes flipped, hopefully without any sticking to the ceiling!

    But how did you take yours? In our recent poll 67% of those who voted said they would go for a sweet rather than a savoury topping, so chocolate spread and banana wins the day then! 

    Whether sweet or savoury, it is unlikely that enough toppings could have been found to cover the worlds largest ever pancake which according to the Guinness World Records was made by the Co-Operative Union in Manchester in 1994. This weighed in at a massive 6,614 lbs and measured 49 feet and 3 inches and was 1 inch thick. 

    Did you have a go at flipping your pancake? Well you are in good company as every year Buckinghamshire hold a pancake race where participants (usually women) have to run 415 yards dressed in a scarf and apron, carrying a frying pan, and tossing a pancake at the start and end of the race. 

    Closer to home, last Tuesday saw the annual Pancake Day Race take place in Salisbury with contestants braving the weather in a myraid array of colourful costumes to compete for the coveted Golden Frying Pan.  Here's hoping next year the weather is a bit kinder to all contestants involved! 




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