The Wellington Academy is 10 years old in September

    ...and they are looking for your memories..

    Castledown FM have enjoyed a long working relationship with The Wellington Academy, our original studios were behind the Sports Centre in a portacabin, and I remember watching the new TWA building going up whilst doing my Saturday Morning shows. It doesnt seem possible that it was 10 years ago, but it is!

    The Wellington Academy are looking for your memories of being there, here's what they have to say on their Facebook page.

    "Such a great response to our then vs now post - as part of our 10 year celebrations we are inviting all ex students to send a brief outline of your experience here and what you are doing now to - (more information about the celebrations will be available over the coming months)".

    They have also produced a very interesting video featuring the Executive Headteacher Ms A Phillips which gives a very good impression of academy life.

    Dont forget to email Mollie and we look forward to hearing more about the celebrations later this year!


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