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Angela Lansbury; Jerry Orbach

Be Our Guest [From Disney's ''Beauty and the Beast'']

House of Pain Metal Show with the Boy Pain

Boy Pain brings you The House of Pain every Friday night 10pm -1am.

Showcasing everything Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, the show features a taste of every Genre within a diverse culture.

With limited talking and no adverts, Boy Pain gives 3 hours of the best Hard Rock and Metal around, from oldies and goldies all the way through to current new releases, providing a platform for music not found on other stations.

Mixed within these 3 hours of auditory annihilation is an hour dedicated to the new breed, underground, up and coming artists from around the world and the UK; a platform from which the artists can engage the listener with something new.

From Russia to California, nothing is off the table.

And for more information on the different genres found within Hard Rock and Heavy Metal why not check out the flow chart below: 

You can catch up on Monday nights 11pm - 2am or via our On Demand feature.

Tune in locally on 104.7 FM, via your smart media device or online via Radioplayer, to listen to the Auditory, Head Banging, Hard Rock and Metal that is ‘The House Of Pain’

You Hear the Screaming, We hear The meaning.

Text us on: 01980 221047