Sony Assuon

    I co-host the fellowership hour program with Lucy every Sunday between 6pm and 8pm. This is a christain talk show where we discuss the bible and relate it to matters that affect our daily lives so far as religion is concerned.

     Examples of the shows include

    · Understanding the bible in relation to our lives

    · Understanding marriage

    · Living a healthy life style

    · Christmas and easter celebration

    · Remebrance day

    · Year resolutions

    · Spirtual growth

    · Financial education

    We also play a wide range of gospel music (African, western and continental). I also help run the Assuon Foundation Trust charity which aims to improve the standard of education in villages in the southern part of Ghana

    I joined the Station to give something back to the community; educate and and put smiles on our listeners faces. and to share the word of God to the community

    Text us on: 01980 221047