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Angela Lansbury; Jerry Orbach

Be Our Guest [From Disney's ''Beauty and the Beast'']

The Morning Show with Brian & Donna

The Morning Show with Brian and Donna; Throwback Thursday, also known as Jaffa Cake Show has a host of music and features for listeners to enjoy.

Each show starts with the winner of The Long Song Vote, a weekly poll posted on both Twitter on @Throw_backThurs and on Facebook @castledownfm.throwbackthursday allowing listeners to choose between 2 very different long songs to start the show, with each presenter hoping that their chosen song will win the most votes!

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Another popular feature is #BPsCarTeaser were followers are asked to guess the car from a picture taken at a very unusual angle; results are revealed live on air at 10.45 and simultaneously on the Facebook page. 

Often funny, sometimes a question, there is always a Word of the Week, anything from 'Plethora' to 'Technical' which runs throughout the show. 

The Throwback hour comes on from 11 til 12 with Donna at the helm, asking listeners to guess the year from the clues and songs she plays, with listeners also being able to choose the final song of the show. 

Text us on: 01980 221047