Kids Zone - Activities

    To help keep the little ones entertained over the coming weeks, The Morning Show team will be bringing you an easy to do kids activity Monday - Friday as part of the programme at 10 am. 

    Below is a summary of some of those activities and the steps to go with them.

    Blow Worms with Barry Rhodes -

    You will need: 


    A4 paper or card

    Coloured pens or pencils




    1. Fold your paper in half, then half again, then in have again.

    2. Unfold the paper you should have 8 sections.

    3. Cut each section out 

    4. Fold each section in half, then half again, and then half again.

    5. You should now have a square cut the corners trying to round them off.

    6. Colour each of the sections, on the end section draw two eyes and a mouth 

    7. Fold each of the sections up again them allow them to open naturally on a table.

    8. Get a straw (or just blow) and blow your paper worm.

    9. Why not try this on different surfaces or make it a race for the whole family



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