TTC Celebrate the community


The tidworth Town council held their community awards at The Clarendon Club to celebrate members of our community who very much deserved to be recognised. Congratulations to all the very well deserved winners from us here at Castledown FM

Mr Mohan Thapa

Mohan is a lynch pin of Nepali Society in Tidworth, Bulford, Salisbury and Amesbury. He solely ran the Castle down Radio whilst working for so many other charities and is a doer. He organises several events to integrate the community, it's not only him, but he is also supported by his lovely wife and children and they regularly perform Nepali cultural dances at many events. He is a worthy of Mayors Certificate of appreciation.

Mr Sanjeeb Limbu

Sanjeeb is current President of the Tidworth Nepali Community; this man has done a lot for the community. His selfless commitment and hardwork is worthy to note. He also deserves your certificate of appreciation.

Mrs Priya Rana

Priya is like a machine, I do not know how she manages her time, specially having to look after an elderly father in law, 2x small children and she also has a job. Despite of this, she is involved in many organisations and helping the community. She is a fine example of a young woman and mother. She is the treasurer of Tidworth Nepali Community and has involvement on other organisations. She truly deserves a Mayor certificate of appreciation.

Mrs Ratna Bowman

Mrs Bowman is secretary of the Tidworth Nepali Community. She is a Nepali woman but married to a serving RLC Lt Col, her husband is on his ACSC at the moment. She is another inspirational woman. She has been a role mother to the Nepali community pulling everyone together. I admire her not because who she is but what she does for others and the wider community. She is a worthy of your certificate.

Grace Baglin

A huge support to a local family during deployment.

Holly Sowersby

Holly’s Happy House Childcare

The activities & care Holly provides for the children is amazing and she is always coming up with new creative ideas for them as well as lots of lovely trips out! It’s so important to have such credible childcare on your doorstep and we are so lucky to have Holly look after our little girl. She really does go above and beyond in what she does and we would love for people to recognise how valued a childminder is. Holly has 3 children of her own and turned her home into a lovely setting for the children.

Mina Amin

Voluntary work with Zero Waste Tidworth & Warm Spaces

Carrie Moore

for determination and helping me to get the venue for the Ukrainians to learn English.

Kobie-Beau Millard

I would like to nominate my little boy who is 6 for saving my life. Back in September I unexpectedly passed out at home whilst alone with my three children. My son called the relevant people to get me the help I needed. Little did he know I had lost my pulse and coded. If he did not do this I wouldn’t be here today so I 1000% thinks he deserves recognition for saving a life and being so so brave.

A very generous prize donated by Finkley down farm. Thank you to them.

Lucy Finn & Natasha Handoll

Between them, they care full-time for several pre-school aged children from the local community, including my 3-year-old daughter Sofia.  My husband and I are a military couple, both serving in the Corps of Royal Engineers. I returned from maternity leave when Sofia was 11 months old, to take command of 26 Engineer Regiment in Perham Down. This job involves long hours, evening commitments and many weeks away from home. For the past 2 years, and all the way through each lockdown, Lucy and Natasha have provided full-time childcare for Sofia and we would be absolutely lost without them. Under their care, I have watched her grow from an isolated lock-down baby into a strong, independent, and lively young child. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them, and they go out of their way to provide love, care, and developmental opportunities for every child in their setting. I am so grateful to them both for the way they look after Sofia and other military children in the community, and I would love for their efforts and professionalism to be recognised formally with an award.

Liam Abram-Smith, Bernie Smith & Laura

Work with Show Off Dance, The work and friendship within the community.

Selina Galvin

kids clothes exchange Tidworth Facebook group as it's a massive support for the families in tidworth and surrounding areas.

Rachael Harris

ongoing help and support with her " parents and carers SEN group "

Andrew White

works in the Welfare Department in 3 Bn REME. He has been part of the welfare team for almost 6 years and dealt with hundreds of welfare issues from property issues, stress and PTSD, marriage guidance, domestic abuse, bereavement, the list goes on. You name it and Andy has dealt with it. It isn’t just at work where he is an asset to our community. He is The Chair of Governors at Clarendon School, he is the treasurer for both of The Royal British Legion football teams, he has dressed as Father Christmas for some of the schools for a number of years and put on Christmas parties. He is now managing a youth centre in Perham Down, he has completed many charity events for the community and he is still looking for more! He even calls the Bingo numbers out on Wednesday evening at The Legion. We’ve started calling him Mr Tidworth!!!